Holiday Chalet “Alpine Dreams” (SLO)


Fulfill your dreams in the luxury of nature and privacy!

Only a few turns above one of the most beautiful alpine valleys, the Logar Valley, just off the border between Slovenia and Austria, in the bosom of meadows and forests lies a luxurious log cabin sitting more than 3500 feet above sea level with a view to the alpine summits and the valley. A vast clearing hidden in the middle of mighty forests offers everything for a perfect relaxation and escape from the city bustle.

Logar Valley, Slovenia

Country: Slovenia

About the cottage - Your second home

The cottage Alpine Dreams (Alpske sanje) is located only a few steps from the farm. However, its location offers complete privacy.

For us, tradition and homeliness come first. You will be offered the comfort of healthy and quality natural materials from the local environment. Our wish is for you to feel like at home and at the same time experience authenticity of our daily life and a pleasant change.

The living room on the ground floor contains a dining space, fireplace and TV. The room is connected to the kitchen supplied with equipment that does not differ from any household from the city (induction plate, oven, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, food cutting machine, food processor, dishwasher, pantry). The big solid table calls for a game of Monopoly with your family, gathers friends to play Tarock cards or invites you to engage in a serious debate about the future of the world.


A big number of neat windows brighten the interior and provide the view of the intact alpine world even from the loungers. A view that is hard to describe with words – you must experience it. From the living room there is access to a wooden terrace that surrounds the cottage. Therefore, you can always find space under the sun and in the shade.

First floor contains three neat double bedrooms with two bathrooms. These rooms are attentively furnished with natural materials just like the rest of the house. In each bedroom there is a modern TV hidden in a handcrafted wooden bedside table for those who like to keep late hours.

The attic contains four beds, an adorable play corner with toys and is ideal for children to play when they want to spend time without parents.


Nowadays life demands the balance of body and soul. Give in to temptation of the modern offer of wellness in the cottage or merge together with the surrounding nature.
A place where inner peace truly comes to life.

Pampering in the house
Wellness rooms are contemporarily furnished with infrared sauna, Finnish sauna with herbal and light therapy. The massage tub and shower with a steam sauna provide a perfect relaxation. The next-door room lures you into taking a special kind of rest. Namely, the kitchenette with the kitchen counter, wine showcase full of high quality Slovenian wine and multi-person beds may easily prolong your indulgence.

Massage bathtub, different types of sauna (Finnish, herbal, infrared, sauna with light therapy), Turkish bath, toilet, service area with spare towels and bedding, loungers, mini bar with TV and CD player, wine showcase, coffee machine, dishwasher.

Aromatherapy on the clearing

Peace and privacy make you forget about worries and invite you to lie in the grass between forget-me-nots and butterflies. When was the last time you indulged in the harmony of fragrances, colours and sounds of nature that bring you pleasant dreams and restore peace in your soul?


Grill situated in the shade of the house will satisfy any barbecue lover during hot summer days. Fishing in the nearby pond provides you with a healthy diet. You can enrich the taste of your dishes with fresh spices from the garden by the house.

If you wish to taste the authentic local culinary delights we can organize a visit to an Alpine dairy farm Logarski kot which is known after excellent traditional home dishes that still taste the same (Savinjski želodec, mushroom soup, soured milk with buckwheat žganci, cottage cheese dumplings, strudel, …). The youngest who do not like cracklings will definitely be pleased with splendid blueberry pancakes.

Special culinary pampering can be experienced in a slow food restaurant Hiša Raduha in Luče (around 12 miles from our place). Their inventive dishes give you the taste of love towards nature and the rich gastronomic tradition in this region with a modern hint.

Winter Activities

Imagine skiing on your own ski run without the crowds and other skiers. Do you wish to teach your child to make its first turns on skis without stress? You wish to organise a family championship in giant slalom or challenge your friends? All of this is possible on the clearing behind the house with a ski lift, which is intended for guests staying in the house Alpine Dreams (Alpske sanje).

The ski slope is intended for house guests. It is diverse and spacious enough for sled riders to have fun on the snow separately from skiers. Sledges can be rented at our place.

Winter hiking and snowshoeing
A walk on the unsullied snow cover is a unique experience and recreation. You will be awarded with beautiful views and an idyllic alpine landscape.

Summer Activities

When the summer heat in cities clears the streets, life at our place just begins. The natural air conditioning warms up the atmosphere to the right temperature that is suitable for exploring the beauty of Solčavsko with surroundings with a bicycle, backpack or a fishing rod.


Fishing is available at the pond a few hundred feet away from the house, where you can catch fish on your own and prepare them on the grill next to the house. The Savinja river and its world famous fishing grounds attract fans of fly fishing. Indigenous brown trout, grayling and rainbow trout take care of real fishing adventures on randomly wild waters of the Savinja river. Permission and additional information is available at the Flyfishing club in Ljubno ob Savinji.

Hiking and mountaineering

Hiking and mountaineering begin already at the doorstep of the house, since it is located near the famous Solčava panoramic road. There are routes of different difficulty levels. More experienced mountaineers can climb the two nearby summits with the peak of more than 6500 feet – Olševa and Raduha in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.


Guests can borrow quality mountain bikes that will take you up and over any hill. You can try out the friendly panoramic road or challenge yourself with a more demanding ascent to Podolševa, Robanov kot, Logar Valley, Matk Combe and other hidden beauties of nature.

For all those who for some reason cannot or do not want to strain themselves in cycling, we can offer a more comfortable way of exploring the environment – electric bikes powered by homemade electricity from our own hydroelectric power plant.


Hiking and mountaineering begin already at the doorstep of the house, since it is located near the famous Solčava panoramic road. There are routes of different difficulty levels. More experienced mountaineers can climb the two nearby summits with the peak of more than 6500 feet – Olševa and Raduha in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Local landmarks

Solčavsko invites you to visit its unique natural and cultural landmarks: Intermittent spring, waterfalls (among them is the well-known Rinka Falls, a 295 feet waterfall), a thousand years old Solčava yew tree, the spring of healthy mineral water, Potok Cave used by people in the ice age on Mount Olševa, natural stone tower Igla, the Solčava marble, underground caves and chasms, a 500-year-old parish church in Solčava, a museum of ethnographic heritage and many other.

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