In the light of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into force, which from 25 April 2018 replaces former legal framework for personal data protection, we are using privacy policy that clarifies our obligations regarding protection of your personal data.

We respect our visitor’s right for privacy and recognise the importance of protecting the processed personal data. This privacy policy refers to collecting, storing, and using personal data that you provide us with.

This privacy policy explains the following:

–   What personal data we collect from you and how

–   What cookies are

–   Who we are going to share your personal data with

–   Where we process your personal data

–   Marketing Ads

–   How you can access your personal data and update it

–   Protection of your personal data

–   Protection of your rights regarding personal data

–   Why we connect to other websites

–   How we can change privacy policy

–   Where and how to ask questions or contact us about your personal data

If you are under the age of 16 you need to notify a parent or guardian of our privacy policy in order for us to get their permission to use your personal data.

What personal data we collect from you and how

We collect your personal data when you register on our website, use our online services, communicate with us in any other way, for example through social media, when you click on our adverts placed on ours or some other web page, when asking for information or help, when you give us statements or other feedback, when you comment blogs or articles contained in our services, when you attend a tour/trip which we organised, apply for our special offers or other updates, when you fill out questionnaires. By registering, subscribing, or using our services you give us your permission to use your data in compliance with these rules. We can also acquire information about you through our group and third parties with which we have a business relationship.


Information that we gather and store can include your first and last name, e-mail address, telephone and mobile phone numbers, home address, payment address, payment details, IP address, search criteria, traveling history, questionnaire answers, type of web browser you use (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari), what time you access the website and for how long, Cell ID ( unique number used to identify each base transceiver station that you mobile phone uses when you use services and apps based on your location) and other location related information ( such as GPS tracking), photos and other content that you share with us while using our services, date of birth and all other personal info that you give us to organise your trip.


Also, we can record phone calls that we have received as well as those we place to you.

What are cookies

We and our business partners collect usage data of our online services through cookies. Cookies are very small files we receive from your PC or some other device you use to access our website. They helps us improve website functionality and usage or for marketing and analytic purposes.


Cookies can help display content on the website that coincides with your interests. Most major websites use cookies.

Who are we going to share your personal data with

We are going to share your personal data only with third parties that can use them only for realisation of legal and contract bindings regarding your trip, and in a way that is specified in their privacy policy. That can include collecting accommodation paper forms, issuing visas, trip and transport organisation or arranging insurance. They can also be used for providing more personalised marketing solutions over the phone, or through mail, e-mail, text messages or any other way (electronic or other) and you have expressly consented to that kind of use.


If it so emanates from our contractual relationship, your personal data can be transferred outside the Republic of Croatia. You will be informed timely of each such transfer and each said transfer will be conducted, in its entirety, according to current laws regarding personal data protection.

Where we process your personal data

When we use your personal data, as described in these regulations, it can include sending said data outside European Economic Area (EEA). Regardless of which way we do that, we always make sure to take all the adequate steps to ensure the safety of your personal data and your rights. By giving us your personal data, you agree that we can transfer, store and process your data outside EEA. Governments in certain countries, such as USA, have wide privileges for accessing data for safety, prevention, and detecting crime as well as conducting law.

Marketing Ads

You may be offered to receive marketing ads if you give permission for said ads during scheduling one of your trips. Third parties we collaborate with can, on a legal or contractual basis, give us your personal data for marketing use, what you will be notified of at any moment.

Marketing ads you give permission for will be sent to you only by A La Carte Travel L.t.d. travel agency.


You have the right to request your data not be used for marketing purposes. We will always provide you with the option to cancel sending and updating marketing ads if you change your mind.

Each time you receive direct marketing from us, you will also get notified how to cancel said marketing.

How you can access and update your personal data

You have the right to insight of all the personal data we have about you. In compliance with General Data Protection Regulation you can, under certain terms, use your rights to get a confirmation of your data being processed and what data that is, you can see what data is being stored, correct data that is inaccurate, invalid or out of date, limit the use of your personal data, object further or excess processing, block illegal processing, request deletion of your personal data or a copy of your data for the purpose of sending it to another processing manager.

If you have any concerns about the validity of your data, feel free to contact our personal data protection official through written request addressed to A La Carte Travel L.t.d. travel agency, Međimurska 19/III, 10 000 Zagreb, or to our e-mail info@alacartetravel.hr .

Protection of your personal data

We will, at all times, make sure that we are applying all adequate safety measures to ensure safety, integrity and privacy of personal data you have provided us with. For that purpose we have installed all sufficient administrative, technological and safety measures aimed at protecting your personal data from unauthorised access, erasing, using, alternation or disclosure. Also, we follow safety procedures that are required by data protection laws so access to your personal data is given only to our employees coordinating your contracted travel. Our employees can process your personal data only in compliance with current General Data Protection Regulation and current Personal Data Protection Act, and any violations of said laws or our internal acts presents a violation of employment obligation.

We request equal level of protection of your personal data from all third parties with which we work while organising your trip.



Protection of your rights regarding personal data

If you at any moment feel that we have violated the Personal Data protection Act, feel free to contact our personal data protection official at the address A La Carte Travel d.o.o. travel agency, Međimurska 19/III, 10 000 Zagreb, or send us an e-mail to info@alacartetravel.hr .

Also, you can send a complaint to Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency, Martićeva 14, 10 000 Zagreb, www.azop.hr.

Why we connect to other websites

Our web pages contain links to websites that are in ownership or are managed by other organisations. Each website has its own privacy policy and cookies, so we ask you to read it. They control how your personal data is collected when you give it to those other organisations or is collected through cookies. We are not responsible for any information, materials, products or services available on those sites or for privacy policy on websites managed by other organisations. If you visit other websites, you do so at your own risk.

How we can change privacy policy

From time to time we can update our privacy policy, so if you want to check it, you can do so each time you give us your personal data or visit our website.

Where and how to ask questions or contact us about your personal data

If you require additional information about our privacy policy, please contact our personal data protection official with a written request at A La Carte Travel L.t.d. travel agency, Međimurska 19/III, 10 000 Zagreb or by e-mail info@alacartetravel.hr .

We welcome your questions, remarks and request regarding our privacy policy.